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Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday - Tom Vek Live - 29/04/05

Hallow Space Cadets,

Last night I went to the best gig of the year so far...

Tom Vek at the (tiny) Cluny bar on Newcastle's unfashionable upper quayside...

Where we were treated to a blow-for-blow re-enactment of the "We Have Sound" album (reviewed by us here - which was great.

Although he isn't the greatest showman (apart from some impromtu crowd interactive dancing during "Green Lights") and the band didn't really seem to possess much on stage personality, the music was crystal clear and flawless. The Mighty "Doves" could take a leaf out of young (and he is - having met him before the gig) Mr. Vek's book.
A better venue would suit him though, as it was absolutely heaving, he would easily fill one of the Universities.



(p.s. please note these photo's aren't from the cluny - Steel)


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