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Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday - Doves Live - 04/04/05


Hope you had a good weekend - We were busy (as usual).

Saturday saw us playing our bi-weekly residency at "The Forth", where the spirit of Sid Viscous seemed to posses Mr. Steel and we were treated to an evening of punk/funk and indie, till I managed to wrestle him to the (beer soaked) ground and play some hip hop, where upon one of our trusty pioneer CDJ800's decided to stop working, a 12,000 revolution service is imminent me thinks...

Last night I went to see "Doves" at Northumbria University (the poly to us oldies!)

Cracking gig, but possibly one of the worst I've ever seen for technical hitches. During the end of the first song "Pounding" there was a power cut, which lasted for about 15 minutes as roadies ran around with maglites and confused expressions, then after a hasty restart, more problems with wireless transmitters, false starts, and tuning issues. Still a great gig though, although there was a "Chav" element there (who knows why) threatening the band from a distance of 30 feet - it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I got some fantastic news on Saturday, (thanks to Sud and Jo's brother) I have two tickets to see "Mr. Dynamite/The Godfather of Soul" - JAMES BROWN !!!

He's playing at the Gateshead Sage in June (link below) - having seen him in 2003 at the Royal Albert Hall (London), I can safely say I'm thoroughly excited. Even at 72 and with dodgy waterworks he can probably out perform many young pretenders. He'll just need a sit down and a cup of tea after about 45 minutes !

Let's all pray for Mr.Browns prostate...

Anyways, that's all for now, catch you soon.



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