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Monday, April 11, 2005

Monday - Samsung Phone - 11/04/05


I've went and got me a new phone...

After weighing up the pro's and con's of all the models available I begrudgingly paid £50 and got the very small and lovely Samsung D500

I guess what swayed me was the 96Mb of memory for MP3's, video's (3gp), java games or Jpegs... (Steel says he remembers buying external hard drives smaller than that!) So there's absolutely oodles of space to put stuff on.

Connectivity (is that a Kraftwerk song ?) is great as you have both Bluetooth and Infrared, a nice big screen and doesn't feel heavy in the pocket. You also get some nice iPod style stereo headphones, although they don't seem to want to stay in my lugs.

On the downside, as this isn't a service provider bundled phone (eg. Vodafone) you have to set up all the wap/mms stuff yourself, but a phone call to your network support or a look on the internet can sort that out.

Another downside is not being able to save wap content you can see on the screen (bit like right-clicking and saving a picture on a webpage) - I'm still trying to suss that one out.

The battery life only seems to last a day, but I'm still in the honeymoon phase of my purchase, so once I've got sick of playing around with it, it'll probably stretch a bit longer.

There's some good PC software to convert files into compatible formats, and if you don't have an IR port on your computer, it's less than £30 to buy one or a bluetooth dongle.

I did fancy the Sony-Ericcson S770i, but I think this is the better handset, of course that's a personal preference...

Link to a nice D500 flash site below.




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