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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tuesday - Ben Folds CD - 26/04/05


Today sees the release of "Songs for Silverman" long player from Ben Folds (formally Ben Folds Five) a long time F&S fave.

And on the first few listens we're not impressed, I'm hoping it's going to be a grower, but it's too saccharine for our tastes, songs about 4 year old offspring isn't usually our cup o'tea (where's the angst of "Song for the dumped" ? - Steel) but I guess we all move on and grow up (eventually). The William Shatner album "Has Been" which someone kindly loaded to me - turned out to be completely different however !

This is great, produced and mostly co-wrote by Ben Folds, it seems to be an antitheses to Silverman, and I prefer it. It features the like of Lemon Jelly and Henry Rollins (?!) and it definately worth a listen.



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