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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wednesday - Bullet Boy - 13/04/05


Been a bit quiet, our day jobs have been keeping us out of mischief !

Last night I went to see "Bullet Boy"

Featuring So Solids crew's Asher D, who I believe is no stranger to gun related bother himself...

It's been described as a UK "Boyz in the Hood", but by my reckoning it's more like "La Haine" - but unfortunately depends on too many ghetto stereotypes for my liking, Boy gets out of jail, get's back into a bad crowd, trouble ensues etc...

If this was shown as a BBC2 screenplay film, it would've been great, but for a cinematic release it just didn't cut the mustard. That's not detracting from the acting though, using a virtually unknown cast (apart from an actor previously seen in BBC's "The Real McCoy") the characters are completely believable and natural on screen, the plot is just too thin.

If you're from anywhere north of watford you might struggle with the patois also, but again not enough to detract from the excellent acting.

One to watch on television or even DVD, but it's a bit of a bum-number otherwise.

There's a link for the trailer below.

One other date for your diary.

F&S are playing in "The Forth" Newcastle this Saturday, so get down and squash your way to the bar if you can.

Take it easy,



Blogger Curly_Girl said...

Hope to find some friends to squash my way to the bar with on Saturday...

7:30 pm


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