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Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday - Back In The Studio - 13/05/05

Hello there...

My fingers are sore. "Why ?" You may ask. The answer is - I dusted off one of my guitars and was playing the bass for a old friend and regular North East house/dance scene producer Bryan Robson last night.

Mr. Robson (above) has been releasing records for years, since I loaned him £70 to buy a second (or third hand) Moog Prodigy (which I'm pleased to say he still has!)

He's gone under various names over the years - East Village Headz, Nova Scotia, Streetlife Originals, Nemo and Solaris Heights to list a few !

Times have changed, and instead of pedalling the same riff over and over we cut (recorded)a variety of riff's into the computer and we'll be editing the best bits together, creating a much more relaxed atmosphere when you don't have to worry about hitting bum notes, especially if there's a gem in the rough that you want to pick out.

I'll be posting details if any of these recordings ever see the light of day !

Flint & Steel are playing the Forth (Newcastle - UK) this Saturday and we're preparing lots of old Funk and Northern Soul records to play, so try to get down if you can...




Blogger Curly_Girl said...

And what a particularly good set it was too.

9:47 pm


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