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Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday - Mystery "Piano Man" - 16/05/05


First off thanks to everyone who came to The Forth on Saturday, for those that came to rock - we salute you... It was a great night, and it's great to see people stay to the end. Next gig is Saturday the 28th of May, hope to see you there.

A very interesting news report was pointed out to me today, you can read the full story here -

But for the attention deficit sufferers out there the basic premise is this.

Kent Police found a man dripping wet in a suit and tie seemingly unable or unwilling to speak, staff at the Medway Maritime Hospital gave him a pen and paper in the hope he would write his name. Instead the patient, dubbed The Piano Man, drew very detailed pictures of a grand piano.

When lead to a piano on Hospital grounds, the man shocked staff with a performance of classical music. "The first time we took him down to the piano he played for several hours, non-stop"

He is now being held in a secure mental health unit in north Kent while an assessment is carried out. Mr Camp said he was "extremely distressed" and may have suffered a trauma.

Several lines of inquiry have been followed, and the hospital brought in interpreters to see if the mystery patient was from Eastern Europe.

So there you go... A film waiting to be made if ever I saw one !

Talking of films, I watched "Garden State" yesterday, it's a film I meant to go and watch at the pictures, but didn't get round to it, so was looking forward to seeing it on DVD.

Starring Zach Braff, from "Scrubs" and the tiny yet perfectly formed Luke Skywalkers mam Natalie Portman, it's set in New Jersey (hence the title) and is a very pleasant way to kill an hour and a half, and would definitely recommend it.

It's a bittersweet "life" black-comedy focusing on a family death which brings an aspiring L.A. based actor back to his home town. Anyone who's returned to the small town/village that they grew up in and left - will identify with this... Seeing past faces still doing the same things and living their lives without ever leaving. This film showing, that sometimes staying out isn't a bad thing.

One bizarre thing about this film is that there's a cameo role from Method man playing a hotel bell-boy. It's an odd scene, and I'm still not sure the purpose of it !


I'll leave you to make your own mind up, if you get a chance to see it.

That's all for now,




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