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Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday - New Doves Single "Snowden" - 09/05/05


This weekend saw UK BBC Radio1 in the north east for a two day free music festival, Mr. Steel (quote) said "I'm too old for that b*ll*x" and went to listen to some acid house records instead !

Haven't heard any reports of the festival itself, but if the weather was anything to go by, it wouldn't have been the place to be wearing your best expensive designer outfit...

Today the Doves single "Snowdon" is released, on two CD formats and 7" vinyl. The vinyl and maxi-single being limited edition and numbered (I got "3297" - not a collectors item me thinks).

CD1 has an unreleased song "Song of a Builder", CD2 containing two remixes - "Black and White Town" by David Holmes (one to avoid) and "Almost Forgot Myself" by 69Corp, the 7" having yet another unreleased track. I was disappointed that neither CD versions have the video on, but you can watch it here;

The 69Corp mix is like an acoustic version, but digging deeper into the identity of 69corp reveals they're artists in their own right and do some interesting stuff of their own as well as remixing for the like of "Bloc Party" and "The Bravery"

You can hear some of the mixes and original tracks they've released here (it's worth a listen) ;

There's a couple of albums you can purchase on Amazon;

That's all for now...




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