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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Saturday - Napoleon Dynamite - 07/05/05

Sweet, Awesome...

These are a couple of the words uttered by the main protagonist in the fantastic film "Napoleon Dynamite" (yes that's his name) on a regular basis - Now released on DVD and worth every penny, whether you rent or buy (but I recommend you buy it for your collection - remember kids, downloading films is a sin and you will go to hell - thanks to Mr Steel's lawyers for that)

This is a film reminiscent style-wise of "Rushmore" or "The Royal Tennenbaums", but without the smug "we're cleverer than you" attitude.

And anyone who says white guys can't dance needs to see this film... (It's also the best use of a Jamiroquai track I've heard.)

All the characters are really well played, to the point that I became really worried that the actors were really like that (If you've seen "Spellbound" you'll know what I mean.)

I'd love to see further adventures of Mr. Dynamite and his 'disfunctional' family. I just hope Jon Heder who plays "Napoleon" doesn't get typecast, but he has four films due out in the next year, so we'll have to see...

p.s. If you do get to see this movie, sit through the credits, as you're rewarded with an epilogue at the end.




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