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Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday - Compagnie Káfig - 06/06/05

Hello Strangers...

First off apologies to the two people who read this for not doing a post recently, life's kinda taken over recently so we haven't had time to connect to your eyeballs.

So sorry for that and we promise to try harder.

Saturday saw me becoming all cultured and visiting the Newcastle Theatre Royal to see "Compagnie Káfig" - a French contemporary street/hip hop dance group.

And although the tickets were half priced (still nearly £10) I felt cheated.

I didn't manage to get a hold of a program, so apart from knowing it was basically gonna be some breakdancing, I didn't have a clue what the theme was gonna be...

At times I seemed to get an impression it was refering to the "Original Sin" story of Adam and Eve, but how come they had licqourice allsorts on their heads ?!

At best it was pretentious and worst shambolic. The music was dire and sounded like it was used on a self-help tape, and the dancers seemed to have real trouble hitting the cues at the same time and to the music (something to do with have a Bertie Bassett costume on maybe).

The target audience seemed to be middle class people who have no prior knowledge of original New York breaking from the late 70's and the body poppin' and lockin' scene from the late 80's in L.A.

Rather than spend my money on this tosh, I would've prefered to have bought a DVD of proper street hip-hop and see how it's done properly.

I applaud the Káfig guys for bringing Hip Hop culture to a perhaps uncharted demographic, but at the smae time couldn't help but feel that soemthing I grew up watching and loved, had been watered down and turned into an evil sanitised version.

The only respite I did get was at the end where the group collectively got on stage and got to do a free-style encore, which was painful to watch, but made me laugh.

So the moral of the story is...

Keep it Real - which is ironic coming from a skinny white bloke from the North-East of England.




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