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Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday - Mr. James Brown - 27/06/05

Hello there,

What can I say... The hardest working man in showbusiness, the god father of soul - Jaaaaaaammes Brown !

The man himself was in Newcastle (ok - Gateshead then) for the first time, and rocked.

Unfortunately, time and illness has taken it's toll and is slower and less full of beans, but still is a funky mutha, and where Mr. B's energy reserves have gone, his fine band have stepped in and filled the gaps - singing dancing and basically making it still one of the best live acts I've seen...

The Sage is a lovely venue and although we were actually behind the front of house speakers it still sounded great (we were listeninig to it acoustically).

I'm glad I saw him play a couple of years ago, but we were imagining going to a JB gig in the 70's - it would've been blistering.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who braved the heat and humidity and made it to the Forth on Saturday (even the folks that were asking for requests - grrrr) - look forward to seeing you July 9th.



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