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Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday - Is It Art ?! - 18/07/05

Hello to you - from Flint & Steel...

Our hometown saw thousands of naked men and women of all shapes, ages and sizes down on the River Tyne.

It was part of the Baltic/BBC3 commission "Naked City" further details can be found here ;

Mr. Steel did comment whilst watching coverage on the television that he recognized a few faces - not sure if he meant the front or the back of the bodies...

I had the pleasure of seeing Batman this weekend, and it was fantastic.

Christian Bale is great as Bruce Wayne/Batman, with some genuinely menacing scenes, and the ability to seem as if he was a behemoth of boiling rage, just being kept under wraps by his cowl and the darkness he resides in...

Even old wonky faced Dawson's Creek reject Katie Holmes was believable in her assistant district attorney's role (not a character featured in the definitive comic/graphic novels). Gary Oldman is fantastic as Jim Gordon, he looks born to play that role.

A face for fans of 1980's English indie music is Tim Booth, from the band "James" - he appears as a violent killer (I kid you not) - mind you I never did like his music - "Sit Down" being a song that made me want to become homicidal.

Another notable piece of casting is Linus Roache (known in the UK as the real life son of William Roache - Coronation Street's "Ken Barlow").

Definitely one to see at the cinema or buy on DVD.

A film I wouldn't recommend is "War of The Worlds"...

If you're a fan of the book or the Jeff Wayne musical, don't spoil it by seeing this. As a stand alone film it's "independence Day" with more menace, but that's about it really.

The pace is fairly rapid, and the end is a merciful and anticlimactic release from your hard earned cash spent on a couple of hours sit down.

It's Tom Cruise. I just can't get away with him. Every film it's the same character - Tom Cruise.

I've heard there's going to be a faithful film version of the H.G.Wells book, and you can also get a deluxe 7 disc set of the Jeff Wayne version - 1 of the discs being a DVD with CGI animation on.

You can buy it here;

Last bit of news - Flint & Steel are playing "The Forth" in Newcastle-upon-Tyne as usual, Saturday 23rd July as part of our bi-weekly residency (fending off interlopers to our regular slot) - try and get down and show the haters who you want to hear ;-)

That's all for now...