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Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday - August already ! - 01/08/05

Hello and welcome back.

Not got much news I'm afraid as I've had the dreaded lurgy (that's sick to anyone outside the UK) and been laid up in bed mostly.

There's a new superclub opening in Newcastle "Digital",

I haven't got a lot of information but there's a BBC article available here ;

And their home page is available here ;

There's some big names coming so it's definately gonna be one to try and get to.

There's also going to be a sister bar next door known as "The Other Rooms" which will host more diverse acts, and also be home to one time collegues "Better Days" on the first Saturday of the month, starting with Fat City's Martin Brew, should be worth a look after hearing some of the tracks from his recent album.

Flint & Steel are back in the Forth this Saturday (06/08/05) 8pm-1am, so I hope to see you there !

Last bit of news - I bought these lovely kicks the other day, and I like them soooo much, I though I'd share them with you.

Aren't they bling ?

That's all for now - laters ;-)


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