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Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday - Wax On:Walk Off - 15/08/05

Hi there...

So - DJ Yoda at the new digital club, no thanks.

This isn't due to the club (which was fantastic inside), or the sound (which was excellent), or Mr Duncan Yoda (although I have seen/heard better), or surly bar staff (they weren't), but due to the punters who were there.

I'm going to sound like a complete snob here but, I think this venue will due to location and hype - get a majority of people in the audience who haven't got a grasp on the finer points of DJ'ing or hip-hop.

I felt like I was at a hip-hop night with a bunch of ravers who's bus had turned up to the wrong club by accident. Mix in a lethal dose of rugby loving student types and narcissic clothes shops attendants and you have the mix of folk that were there. (If you've seen the Mr. Scruff documentary where the ravers invade the stage, you'll know exactly what I mean!)

Yoda stuck to the equivalent of top 40 hip hop tunes, and the VJ'ing was limp to say the least. I saw one instance of scratched visuals (Star Wars Light Sabre fight) and that was your lot.

I felt a bit jipped out of my tenner to say the least, and was shoved and jostled about so much I eventually left, disgruntled and very much considering choosing who I go to see there very, very carefully. The Scratch Perverts will be there in a couple of weeks, but if it's gonna be the same deal, I might give it a miss :-(

I then got home and watched a recording (yes sad I know) of the Big Brother 2005 final, which saw a diminutive disco dancing hobbit from the North East of England (Anthony) win...

He showed his intelligence during his post leaving interview when quized about an alledged dalliance with a fellow contestant in the Jaccuzi - "Aww - I never f**ked her!"

Well done Anthony, show the rest of the country what bumpkins we are.

So to drag my weekend out of the doldrums, I bought some new kicks...

Reebok CL Amaze Mids in blue, red and white - Mmmmmmm, nice...

Finally, Flint & Steel are back in the Forth this weekend (Saturday 20th August) with the usual devils brew of Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Punk and House.

Don't worry - only nice people there ;-)



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