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Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday - Keb Darge - 09/09/05

Howdy Pardners,

The answers no - I didn't go to Scratch Poivorts - maybe next time.

I did go to the Better Days - Keb Darge night at "The Other Rooms" though last Saturday (03/09/05). Which seemed to be full of people who did appreciate non-house music, and generally have a good time without the need to rave dance to funk music.

Although a small venue, it was well attended is half the price of next door's "Digital" entry price, and seems to have more diverse leftfield DJ action and a stage for bands.

Looking forward to seeing who else Better Days (who play the first Saturday of every month) put on and the other regular DJ nights in the future.

Flint & Steel play the forth next Saturday (September 17th) and judging by last weeks turnout should be packed, so get down early if you want a table, as with the return of Newcastle's student population it's probably going to be even busier...

I can't sign of without a picture of a recent kicks purchase...

A re-issue par of Reebok Omni Max "The Pump" originally out in 1989, brought out again in 2004.

God bless T.K.Maxx !

Catch you soon.