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Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday - Tom Vek Holds Masterclass - 24/10/05


So - Tom Vek at the Academy (Academy - Class - geddit ? Never mind)...

What can I say, a note-per-note version of the album and various singles, the band he has is sooooooo tight.

As soon as he walks on the stage, he's in charge - music aside - he reminds me of James Brown as he seems to almost conduct the other musicians on stage, although Mr. Brown is a much better dancer.

Picking off highlights from the "We Have Sound" album, he managed to get a cold audience dancing with gems like "C-C (Fire In me)" and newer tracks which has been (unjustly) B-Sides and EP tracks, the more recent stuff relying less on the band and more on technology, and one point a synth stab rotating it's way around the auditorium, giving an amazing sense of space.

The Carling itself I can't really speak about - Tom's gig took place in Room 2 which is a smallish space right at the top of a seemingly endless staircase (clad in what seems like the original carpet from the old bingo hall) - The sound was superb, but being just over a week old, and possibly being used less than a dozen times the P.A. still should be.

The room is no-frills and bar - likewise. My only bugbear was the early start, to enable a 10pm curfew, so the "Rock" clubnight could begin in our place.

Looking forward to seeing a band in the mainroom - depending where Sqaurepusher is - I might have to wait till "Doves" in December.

Flint & Steel are back in The Forth this Saturday coming (29/10/05) with new f-r-e-s-h tunes, so hope to see you there.

Catch you soon,


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