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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday - Newcastle Explodes - 18/10/05

Hello and apologies for the lack of updates.

My day job has been keeping me more than mega-busy recently so no blogs for a while.

So first off - thanks to everyone who has been coming to the regular Flint & Steel night's at the The Forth, we've been doing every Saturday for the last few weeks, which has been great, but we're looking forward to a break so we can get some new records together and keep showing out new tunes every time...

One of the albums that have me hooked and has just come out (thanks to Taylor for the advance copy) is MF Doom and Danger Mouse's collaboration "Danger Doom - The Mouse and The Mask"...

It's one of the best hip-hop records I've heard in a long time and we've been playing tracks out at the start of our sets. Definitely one to pick up. This has actually got me back into listening to hip hop, which I've all but nearly given up on of late. Ever since G-Funk took off we've strayed to other areas, but I'm enjoying certain labels and artists again. I certainly won't be buying a record by 50 Cent or the game anytime soon, but MF or Mouse's back catalogue is a definite place to rekindle a lost love.

Secondly - Newcastle has a brand spanking new music venue - The Carling Academy (New picture attached).

There's already been some large acts on, and on the way to my day job I've peered in a few tour bus windows first thing in the morning while eating a sausage roll (Pigs in Blankets for anyone reading from the USA).

So far we've had Goldfrapp and Supergrass, but I've had no news on the venue or the gigs themselves.

I will be attending the Tom Vek "WE HAVE SOUND" night this Friday, and will post a review next week.

Also at the Academy soon will be Sqaurepusher/Luke Vibert and Doves.

Also one to watch out for is Fourtet and Jamie Liddell at the Sage, hopefully I'll be catching both and posting reviews.



Blogger obifromsouthlondon said...

no diggy "dangerdoom" is the joint. dont sleep on 50 though. Heard "Ghetto Koran" the other day and boy was he good on it. Yeah I know all the hype, but still ...

10:47 pm


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