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Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday - Fourtet Live (ish) - 04/11/05

Howdy, Last night F&S were at The Sage in Gateshead,to hear Mr. Keiran Hebden do his thing.

First on were a guitar based band from Texas "Explosions In The Sky", who played a very enthusiasic set if nothing else.

Consisting of the classic two guitars, drums and bass - they did a mix of ambient and shoegazing rock-out heroics all in one song normally, and it wasn't really our bag. There was a very young audience for them who seemd to thoroughly enjoy it though.

After a brief DJ break, Keiren was up - we'd seen him shuffling around the Sage with his backpack and mobile phone (the satchel actually made it to the stage!) but once the beats of "A Joy" from the "Everything's Ecstatic" pounded in, he was a changed man, manipulating samples and furiously cutting beats.

The sound was great, but a guy standing behind two laptops isn't the greatest thing to watch, so a visual show would have been nice, but unfortunately a couple of spot lights flashing on and off does not a lightshow make. I think today's electronica audience to be honest, expect it as part of the deal.

Playing most of the new album, he came back on (after quite a short set) to do an encore finishing with "She Moves She" from the "Rounds " 2003 release.

Tonight it's "Jamie Liddell", and current Flint & Steel favourite "Jackson and His Computer Band" at the Sage (probably in the same room!) which does have a guaranteed light show, hopefully he's as crackers as his picture promises ;-)

Saturday (hopefully funds and energy permitting) brings a DJ set from Quantic at "Better Days", who I'll be attending with my good mate Frank De JoJo from Fluid Ounce - currently visiting the area after a long stay in Japan.

I'll post a review fingers crossed next week.

Bye for now...


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