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Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday - Quantic @ Better Days - 07/11/05

Hi there,

Flint & Steel were in attendance to see Quantic (Will Holland) at The Other Rooms on Saturday night (05/11/05), amid fireworks and bonfires.

With a warm up from Better Days head honcho Tony Morales, a fullish room got down to some serious darncing.

Once Quantic had started, an extremely smooth mix of Jazz, Funk and interludes of Drum and Bass were feasted upon.

Only problem was the mix was a bit too smooth and a few knee jerkers would've been good to pull the attention of the room to heel, as it became a more social environment with most people chatting and enjoying the vibe than full on grooving.

The "Quantic" and "Quantic Soul Orchestra" vinyl output reflects this kind've mood, but folks started drifting away towards the end of his set, no standing ovations there.

This weekend - Flint & Steel are back in the Forth this Saturday (12/11/05), playing the usual mix of Funk, Soul, Hip Hop and mystery mash-ups with a special guest slot from Fluid Ounce Records' "Zero Db" - something to look forward to.

Catch you then !


Blogger Betty said...

Tony Morales presented 4hero at Better Days, The Other Rooms last Saturday. Just have to say what a great night it was too. Look forward to more of the same...

11:30 am


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