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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wednesday - Do You Know Squarepusher ? - 30/11/05

Damn - It's December tomorrow !!!

So, we've been busy - hence the gap between blogs - so in no particular order, here we go !

I went to see Squarepusher do his bass guitar fuelled "Drill And Bass" at the Newcastle Carling last Thursday (24/11/05).

After an amazing Acid driven laptop DJ set in a partially full venue, from the very nice Luke Vibert - (pictured with my badself below... )

It was time for Tom Jenkinson to do his slap bass version of Jungle - and he didn't disappoint !

Going right back to his early Burningn'n'Tree days he ripped through the jazzier moment of his back catalogue, two laptops pushing out the Amen breaks chopped in his own inimitable style. The crowd were very much up for it, at one point there almost seemed to be a mosh pit ! My only criticism being folk were too beered up or after some noize to listen to the more quiet melodic phrases of his set.

Imagine The Aphex twin, Jaco Pastorious and mark King all rolled into one and you have Squarepusher live.

The Saturday before that saw Flint & Steel play the Forth, with special guest slot from Fluid Ounce's Frank De JoJo.

Who played a cracking set blending genres of funk, hip hop and jazz quite seamlessly, it's easy to understand why he's in hot demand in Japan.

I've not posted a pair of kicks for a while - so here's my latest purchase - some artic Nikes...

Finally - Flint & Steel will be playing a special Christmas Set (complete with Santa suits) on the 10th of December, then the New Years Eve party at The Forth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Hope you can make it.

Catch you soon,


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