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Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday - Fun Lovin' Criminals @ Carling - 05/03/06


Last night (Sunday)I went to see the "Fun Lovin' Criminals" at the Newcastle Carling.

Flint & Steel had performed a set the night before, and I'd then popped in to check the 4Hero DJ set - so I was knackered (as they say in the UK) having been up till about 3am Sunday morning.

I found a good vantage point on the main floor of the Carling and first up were "The Mitchell Brothers" - no not the knuckleheaded abused husbands that star in depressing BBC soap Eastenders... But the Mike Skinner assisted London Rap duo.

They present a form of UK hip hop which I recently saw Roots Manuva describe as "Geezer Rap" on a televison program.

It was a lively and at times amusing set - getting audience participation going by getting the crowd to 'diss' each other as they (play) fought on stage - "F*ck Tony / F*ck Teddy".

I've read some derogatory articles about these boys, being accused of selling out to a white audience by wearing "Casual" gear, but each to their own. I enjoyed them, especially the touching sentiment behind the track "Routine Check" - where V signs were flicked and the notion of having sex with our fine British police force was suggested...

Next up the FLC...

At this point the ground floor of the academy was heaving. To the strains of the "Rocky" theme tune (not the Eye of The Tiger mind - the other one) - the boys came out.

Huey, as always resplendent in a 3 piece pinstripe suit, and co. went through their entire back catalogue with grace and ease.

Now I have to make a confession here... I'm not a massive fan (not that I don't like them either) so I wasn't familiar with all the songs performed - but the ones I knew were great, and the crowd certainly enjoyed it.

I stayed away from the traditional "Mosh Pit" area - but the whole ground floor seemed to be jumping up and down. There were some nightclub bouncer types on one side of me who seemed to be in tampoline training - and some really roedy jackasses next to them, throwing beer and lit cigarettes around (I suppose that goes with the territory)...

Huey is a great frontman - and seemed to positively revel in the adoration of the crowd (who kept chanting his name) and had an anecode or a story for every song - "Fast" on keyboards providing comedy sound effects.

Having seen them live, I can see that this is the best medium for the FLC, I haven't noticed them graze the charts for a while now (not that the charts really have any influence in this day and age) and they really are worth going to see. I would however, make sure that you've had a few beers and you're up for a party (Sunday nights for me being a school-night).

That's all for now, catch you soon...


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