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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday - 4Hero @ Better Days - 05/03/06


After a great Flint & Steel set at The Forth - We decided to check out 4Hero at the other rooms - host by Tony Morales's "Better Days" night.

Being aging hip-hoppers who also dabbled in the UK Hardcore/Breakbeat scene, and in the mid 90's Jungle/Drum n' Bass movement - this was absolute bliss, and we spent the evening jogging on the spot.

Marc (Mac) can certainly mix a record together, and not just of the same genre, he effortlessly went from Nu-Jazz to broken beats, and then breaks without dropping a beat.

Definitely one of the best nights we've been to in a while, the quality of tunes enhanced by the great MC'ing, and a comedy part of the evening, when some unknown girl got behind the decks and started warblingg (not necessarily in tune) giving us all a good laugh in the process.

I have all (I think) of the 4Hero albums, and would love to see them perform with a full band - but until then - this is the next best thing, and as a stand-alone DJ night was great.

The club was almost full, and the crowd was buzzing...

Good on yer Marc - come back soon !!!


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