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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wednesday - Go! Team Live - 22/02/06


A bunch of us went to see GO! Team at the Newcastle University last night (the proper one - not the old poly), which for anyone that has ever had the pleasure of seeing a band there, is an ordeal in itself. - situated in what can only be described as a "basement" in a Victorian building, which within half an hour seems to descend into a sauna of diabolical proportions.

We turned up after a few pre-gig sherry's to find it absolutely heaving... The small (single) bar at least four or five people deep, and not one of them over twenty.

There was a band playing as we pushed our way to the bar, but I have to be honest it was pretty bland. I was told it was two girls with guitars and a drum machine. Didn't catch their name.

We decided to try and find a spot that we could actually see the stage from and found a vantage point at the side (stage left for all you luvvies!) and waited for the Go! Team.

I have to admit, they were really tight, the whole band swapping instruments for each song, and although the recorded output is pretty shambolic (deliberately ?!) the live sound was spot-on.

It's not really my kind of music, as it mixes far too many elements of other genre's diluting the themes that I do like - hip hop, electro - with an indie mentality, and namely lots of guitars.

The [young] crowd did seem to dig it however, and within minutes, were stagediving and throbbing back and forward.

As there isn't a huge back catalogue of albums to rely on most of the album was performed, with the exception of one new song.

Belting out the big singles "Bottle Rocket" and "Lady Flash" towards the end, they finished the gig by hurling themselves into the crowd.

A really good performance, and well worth catching live, as I think this is the medium that their music works best. It also helps that they have a couple of really foxy female band members as well ;-)

That's all for now...


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