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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Friday - Coldcut Live @ Sage - 21/04/06

How do . . .

Over the years I've seen Coldcut (and met them) many times - from the early 4 turntable days, through to now - a fully functioning 6 piece 21st century multimedia band.

Not thinking they would be on till late (in past experience) I turned up only to have missed the first few minutes. The dance floor area was packed, so I legged it up to the balcony to find plenty of nice comfy seats with a great view.

Mainstays matt Black and Jonathon More were on stage as usual surrounded by all manner of laptops, but I noticed some Pioneer DVJ decks as well as some other bits and bobs, triggering samples and acappella vocal videos (the Roots Manuva one of him in a cowboy hat for "True Skool" being one of the best/funniest in a Vic and Bob kind of way) and the usual crazy loops.

Matt and Jonathon were joined on stage by Mike Ladd and Juice Allem providing raps, and a couple of other vocalists from the "Sound Mirrors" album (sorry don't know their names !) giving the gig a very live feeling, rather than a couple of old fellas pressing buttons on a computer. Also joining the Coldcut ranks was Newcastle's own Raj Pannu, blending scratches and other instrumentation to the mix.

Highlight of the show for me was the computers breaking down at the start of "Everything's Under Control" and the rest of the team - freestyling and jamming while a techie fixed the problem. I have to applaud Mr. Black (pictured below) on keeping a fine rhythm going (by hand) and the rappers and co joining in - he personally kept that gig alive.

The only drawback being the gig was over too quickly (not like the 3 hour marathons of old), Matt mingled in the bar area afterwards which was nice and I had a quick word with him and we reminisced about the old NinjaTune HQ at clink street and shared a joke about unreserved standing as listed on the ticket.

So I toddled off with yet another notch on the Coldcut post, hoping to get a few more in years to come yet - here's hoping they still have the impetus to do it, embracing new technology as they go.

That's all for now . . .